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Transportation and Logistics Services with PEIR™ - Protect Every Interchange

There are an estimated 17 million shipping containers moving worldwide. The containers do an estimated 200 million trips a year. If just 1 out of 10 of those containers sustained damage during each cycle, that would leave an estimated 20 million containers with damage that someone would be held responsible for. If you figure in the number of parties a single container is interchanged between for each trip, let’s say 5 interchanges, there would be one hundred million interchange points to look for a responsible party.

PEIR™ streamlines the inspection and documentation into a quick and reliable mobile process. PEIR™’s patent pending process establishes a verifiable photographic record for the equipment being interchanged between parties and the record is provable with Blockchain technology.

Use PEIR on any piece of equipment including:


  • Before you pick up a new trailer or piece of equipment
  • Before you load a trailer or container
  • After you have blocked and brased a container or trailer
  • Pre-trip inspection
  • To ensure the seal hasn’t been tampered with
  • When interchanging equipment between companies
  • To show proof of delivery
  • Vehicle Assets (protection against employee damage)
  • and much more… (the possibility are endless!)

PEIR is Easy to Use

Just point, shoot and submit!  PEIR automatically documents the state of the interchange within a matter of minutes. You can add a description, notes and also highlight any photo for review.

Capture up to 20 Photos Per Event

Review Every Photo and Add Notes

PEIR Does The Rest!

Don't Be Caught Without Photographic Proof

It's time to protect yourself - prove you didn't do the damage

Don’t be bullied by the large corporations that blame you for damage when you interchanging any container, chassis, equipment or more!
Protect yourself with PEIR!

PEIR’s OCR Just Works!

Optical character recognition automatically works for you in real-time 

Request Photo Evidence from Clients with One-Time Events

Quickly and easily request photo evidence with PEIR’s One-Time Event… no requester account required.

One-Time Events

Here’s a few examples how PEIR works within the Transportation and Logistics Services

Trucking Companies

Tired of being at the bottom of the proverbial food chain when it comes to equipment damage?

Arm yourself with PEIR™ with photo evidence of every interchange.

Pulling a piece of equipment that was dropped by another trucking company?

With PEIR™, there are no more “missed” damages or questions about when, where, who and the condition of the equipment at the point of interchange.

Container Depots

Tired of trekking into your yard to find a container, lift it to the ground, take photos, and then come back into the office to upload and email them?

Use PEIR™ at the gate and have all the photographs at your fingertips without leaving your desk.

Ever asked yourself “How much does it really cost to go out into the yard and take those photos?”

Save time and money with PEIR™

Railroad Terminals

Tired of pulling interchanges and trying to decipher codes to determine responsibility for equipment damage?

Use PEIR™ at the gate to document every interchange INCLUDING the seal.  No more guessing.

Take the guessing game out of “was it or wasn’t it”.  No more arguments with PEIR™, the photo evidence will always speak for itself.

Stop Paying for Damages Your Company Didn’t Cause; Stop the He said, She said Games!

What’s Blockchain and why it’s important to the Transportation and Logistic Services Industry

Every PEIR Event you capture has Blockchain technology that provides irrefutable photographic proof. That proof captures the Date and Time, GPS location along with your device’s metadata including all photographic metadata.  When submitted, the event grabs a public hash from the blockchain and secures your event immutably and stores on your account and accessible online 24/7.  Everything is organized automatically for you.  Just relax and focus on capturing events.

To learn more, watch our quick video to see how Blockchain protects you with each event you take.

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