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Taking photos – of the condition of your property or equipment, cargo, the state of a construction job, or anything else — is a great way to protect your business. You can prove what you’ve done, protect yourself from false damage claims, and make it easier to win in a dispute. Mobile devices make it easy to take photos anywhere, at any time.

Using PEIR’s mobile app and Event Viewer software makes it even easier and far more effective.

PEIR lets you document anything you want as an Event. You can take up to 20 photos per event, each of which has full GPS location, date and time. The photos can’t be edited on the device. You can add notes and tags. With one click, you send the entire Event to the cloud, where it’s stored safely, and cannot be tampered with (it’s even protected using blockchain technology). PEIR’s OCR (optical character recognition) will automatically recognize text and numbers in the photos so you can search on them. Our Event Viewer makes it simple to organize, analyze, share, and protect thousands of Events, for as long as you need them.

With PEIR there’s no more emailing of photos in batches or uploading, no more downloading, no more collating and organizing, no more manual tracking, and no worries about someone tampering with the data or losing it.

PEIR is inexpensive supplemental insurance to protect you from ‘he said, she said’ disputes, by making it easy to prove your side of the story.

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Immutable: unchanging over time or unable to be changed
Irrefutable: impossible to deny or disprove

A PEIR™ Event is Immutable and Irrefutable!

PEIR’s OCR Just Works!

Optical character recognition automatically works for you in real-time 

Request Photo Evidence from Clients with One-Time Events

Quickly and easily request photo evidence with PEIR’s One-Time Event… no requester account required.

One-Time Events
Transportation and Logistics Services

Tired of being at the bottom of the proverbial food chain when it comes to paying for equipment damage that you didn’t cause?

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Insurance Companies

Use PEIR to document the condition of property you’re insuring, especially in areas prone to hurricane, wildfires and floods.

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Law Enforcement

Collect evidence in crimes or civil disputes with photos, with a chain of custody that will hold up in court.

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Property Management

Use PEIR to get irrefutable proof of the state of an apartment, house or condo before you rent it to new tenants.

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Construction Companies

Document the state of your construction job sites and equipment to protect yourself against invalid charge backs and bogus damage claims.

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Other Industries

Don’t see your industry? No worries… PEIR is indispensable in any industry where reliable photos can protect you in business disputes.

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